VT Industries designs, builds and delivers world class stamping tools to our customers throughout the world, and we are expertise especially in the medium and the large progressive dies, tandem and transfer dies.


VT Stamping provide stamping parts, mechanical and welding assemblies for customer from all countries and region of automotive industry.


VT Automation bring integration technologies to all of our customers, with focus in automated assembly, robotic integration systems, material transferring system, as well as stamping related automation systems dealing with process such as welding, riveting, tapping.? With capability of our software team, we provide advance automation systems with full traceability.


VT-Evoit provides lightweight and safety solutions for automotive OEMs and Tier suppliers with advanced simulation experience and material expertise, our capabilities well recognized by top OEM customers.

Committed to continuously improve the capability and efficiency of the manufacturing industry

Providing long term value to our customers through continuous innovation;

Providing development opportunities and platform for our employees based on their qualification and performance;

Providing continuous benefit for investor of capital market;

To be a world class supplier with providing more possibility for automotive industry.

Product Categories
Global Presence
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